Micro Structure Analytical Laboratory


MSAL(Micro Structure Analytical Laboratory) is a research laboratory operating in Beijing(Peking) University Science Park . Originated as a XRD laboratory of the College of Chemistry & Molecular Engineering and spun off a few years ago to become an independent laboratory, MSAL offers instrumental testing services for industrial and research applications using XRD(X-ray powder diffraction) techniques. The laboratory is currently administered by Bragg Science and Technology Co, Ltd and backed by the university professors and funded by Beijing University and Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Committee.

In 2007, MSAL became commercialized and began to provide outsourcing laboratory services for a wide range of research institutions and industries domestically and internationally. Our principle testing methods include XRD diffractometry techniques spectrometry based testing. Our clients are primarily from China(include Taiwan) and Japan. MSAL enforces top laboratory practices and ISO 17025 standard to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the testing results. Backed by our years of research expertise with self designed laboratory apparatuses, we guarantee to deliver quality testing services and substantial time and cost-savings to our customers.

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